I grew up in a small New England town, went to college in upstate NY and spent a few years as a small boat officer in the Western Pacific with the U.S. Navy.  After 35 years as an industrial automation engineer, my retirement led me to a teaching job in a public high school for 8 years, a sea kayaking guide position with a popular Maine outdoor outfitter for 10 years and a small Rhode Island cruise ship company for 3 years,  guiding kayaking trips on the coast of Maine, Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes.

I volunteered in 8 maximum security prisons over a span of 32 years, assisting hundreds of incarcerated men with learning improved reading, mature social behavior, anger management and developing the spiritual side of personality (both theirs and mine) – all useful skills for an eventual successful re-entry into society.

My wife have two adult children. We fully retired in 2019 and are now living among a community of friends our age near Boston where we enjoy volunteer work, craft and outdoor hobbies such as hiking, biking and sea kayaking.


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