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Heart of Precious Newborn Child

Folks are born, unique I’d say, without a place, or role to play. Not at first, no things to do, no agenda to pursue; Except of course to eat and sleep, become aware of fingers, feet. Soon we realized there … Continue reading

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Encounter With Dolphins

First, consider the day. A delightful day, just one of many  working alongside the crew of a small cruise ship traveling for 8 weeks along the Belize Barrier Reef. The customers were attracted to this cruise for its access to … Continue reading

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Heart to Mind

While walking through the Museum of Science in Boston a few years back, my young children and I came across a small sign located out of the way, off to one side. It was dimly lit but its font was … Continue reading

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View From On High

View From Google Earth Some people prefer aisle seats when they are traveling by air. There’s more leg room and getting out is much easier when no one else is required to make room. I prefer the window seats. My … Continue reading

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