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I grew up in New England, graduated from college in upstate NY, spent a few years as a small boat officer with the U.S. Navy in the Western Pacific, then worked 35 years as an industrial automation engineer. My retirement jobs, teaching - 8 years in a public high school as a special needs educator, 3 years as a kayak guide for a small cruise ship company on the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes and Canadian Maritimes and 10 years as a ocean kayak guide for a large outdoor outfitter in Maine. For 30 years, my wife and I volunteered in maximum security state prisons, helping inmates with their literacy, developing of the spiritual side of personality, and learning mature social skills - all to eventually assist with their future re-integration into society. My wife and I have 2 adult children. We are now living in a community of friends and continue with our craft and outdoor hobbies of hiking, biking and sea kayaking.

Heart of Precious Newborn Child

Folks are born, unique I’d say, without a place, or role to play. Not at first, no things to do, no agenda to pursue; Except of course to eat and sleep, become aware of fingers, feet. Soon we realized there … Continue reading

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Encounter With Dolphins

First, consider the day. A delightful day, just one of many  working alongside the crew of a small cruise ship traveling for 8 weeks along the Belize Barrier Reef. The customers were attracted to this cruise for its access to … Continue reading

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Acting is not Action

When you have lost your way, when things don’t make sense, when whatever you try to do seems to lead around in endless circles, stop. No, I can’t stop! you say, I must keep trying – I’ll fall too far … Continue reading

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Mind to Heart to Mind

Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God.                                                       … Continue reading

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Heart to Mind

While walking through the Museum of Science in Boston a few years back, my young children and I came across a small sign located out of the way, off to one side. It was dimly lit but its font was … Continue reading

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Dying: an Important Part of Life

In the months following a metastatic cancer diagnosis, anxious thoughts interjected themselves into my mind every five minutes of the day. The reality of unwanted weakness, joint pain and insomnia from chemotherapy demanded attention. Looking back, I willingly admit: the … Continue reading

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Rank and Experience

When the US Navy commissions an officer, the (usually) young man or woman instantly acquires a significant load of both privilege and responsibility. At the moment the gold stripe or bar is fastened to the uniform of the midshipman or … Continue reading

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Things Are Not Always As They Appear

The perspective of time changes as one gets older. For example,  studying history in grammar school the Civil War, the American Revolution and the Roman Empire all seemed  to me to have occurred an equally enormous long time ago. Beyond … Continue reading

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Chipper. 1948 – 1961

Probably the runt in a litter of seven, Chipper was born with a deformed tail – a show (dog) stopper for the pedigree breeder. The tail defect disqualified him for sale to dog  show enthusiasts, but ironically it probably increased … Continue reading

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The Tree Partnership of 1980

The specific idea that motivated me to commit to positioning myself in close proximity to a tree for ten minutes after sunset every day stemmed  from a season of marriage counseling and therapy, during which I learned that developing a … Continue reading

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