Meditation Place

Sitting alone in a kayak on a relatively calm sea offers the chance for precious space – from stress, from too much thought and from too much noise. Of course the ocean can change in the heartbeat of new weather. Calm on the open ocean does not last for long, but undoubtedly long enough.

To permit a little space in a busy mind is healthy. One does not need to become a mystic ignoring career, family and friends, to be nourished by a breath of quiet. With practice the skill of creating space for a moment or two can be exercised in a crowd, at the office or just about anywhere other than a cocktail party. The value of having water present implies that there might be no better place for meditation than alone on a quiet sea.

The kayak hobby is not about the boat but about where the boat can take you. If the rocks aren’t visible from their cover of seaweed or splashing water, then they’re probably deep enough to pass over without concern. Kayaks are especially good for finding meditation places where an already intelligent mind can put its ego on hold long enough to allow the soul to receive another infusion of eternal wisdom. Much like downloading new software from a higher source, the soul only asks that the chatter of hurry, the voice of past mistakes and concerns for reputation all be relaxed long enough to allow the real center to return to the center of the person. Then intelligence and experience return to function on a renewed and solidified foundation.

About hamiltonstation

I grew up in New England, graduated from college in upstate NY, spent a few years as a small boat officer with the U.S. Navy in the Western Pacific, then worked 35 years as an industrial automation engineer. My retirement jobs, teaching - 8 years in a public high school as a special needs educator, 3 years as a kayak guide for a small cruise ship company on the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes and Canadian Maritimes and 10 years as a ocean kayak guide for a large outdoor outfitter in Maine. For 30 years, my wife and I volunteered in maximum security state prisons, helping inmates with their literacy, developing of the spiritual side of personality, and learning mature social skills - all to eventually assist with their future re-integration into society. My wife and I have 2 adult children. We are now living in a community of friends and continue with our craft and outdoor hobbies of hiking, biking and sea kayaking.
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